Karen Barbarick

Deva Sadhvi

Our Creators

Mona is our nature photographer and natural healer.  She believes in the power of nature to heal the body and spirit and takes every chance she can to try to capture the essence of nature with her photographs. Her latest app, Affirmation Transformation, combines powerful affirmations with her beautiful photography, allowing users to bask in serenity while redirecting their thoughts toward bliss and feelings of well-being.

Deva was a follower of the guru Osho, and is now a meditation teacher.  Her focus is on meditation through breath awareness, and on meditation through disciplined practice of a craft.  Her chosen craft is the creation of rosary beads from actual rose pedals.  She believes in the power of mindfulness as a spiritual practice and creates apps which simultaneously train people in the creation of rosaries, and zen, at the same time.           

Clay Donovan is MoonStar 

Interactive's "Mind Guy".  He's

a veteran NLP practitioner and

hypnotist located

in Vancouver, Canada.  His 

unique approach to personal

development focuses on the use

of advanced techniques to change 

how the mind operates and 

creates our "internal reality".  In many ways, he views the mind as a computer which can be programmed to perform how we desire.  His apps have gained astounding praise from customers, all of which have maintained a steady 5 star rating on the App Store. He's also really mysterious, and no one in our office has ever seen his face, which makes us think he's really cool.  

Nizhoni refuses to be labeled.  She actually started working at MoonStar as our partner relations executive but then decided she really wanted to design her own apps.  She's of native american descent, so her first project was trying to encapsulate native american sayings from tribes around the U.S., and creating an app that gives users a "daily dose" of wisdom.  It was a pretty niche project, but it's actually gained a sizable following on Facebook.   

Nizhoni Citlali

Mona Therese Winston

Karen is our premier yogi. She has been teaching yoga in Northern California for the last 30 years, and now works to train aspiring yoga teachers.  Her focus is on the connection of body and mind, and works to harness the power of the body's energy flow to transform the mind's focus towards beauty and gratitude.  Her projects with us have been focused on the "spiritual side" of yoga, making video apps on location in Hawaii and Malibu which teach ancient yoga poses and their symbolic meanings.  

Clay Donovan